Bollywood actress was shocked

Bollywood actress was shocked

Bollywood actress was shocked

It is very obvious that our country is crazy for Bollywood films and even more crazy for the film stars. Wherever they go, they get mobbed by the public, who ask them for selfies and autographs. But is it reasonable even in a situation when somebody needs your help? Isn’t it the responsibility of the people to first help a person, whether it is a star or just a common man?

A shocking incident happened with the B-town actress Neha Dhupia when she was on her way back to Mumbai. She was actually in the city of Chandigarh for promoting her talk show, No Filter With Neha. After completing her work, she was on the way to the airport to catch her flight back to Mumbai. And it was then that her car crashed and met with an accident.

Luckily, no one suffered major injuries, neither the actress nor her team. Although Neha has got some shoulder pain. But the most shocking thing for the actress was how the people reacted at the site. In a situation, where anyone would be expecting help or at least cooperation, she saw the common crowd behaving immaturely.

People started asking her for selfies and autographs! Isn’t it shocking?

Now talking about the show, it has created quite a buzz amongst the audience. It is the second season of the show where celebrities like Varun Dhawan, Parineeti Chopra and Imtiaz Ali are going to be seen spilling out some secrets.

We have already shared some of the conversations from different episodes of the show. For instance, Varun will be heard talking about his girlfriend, while Imtiaz Ali will be heard announcing Ranbir Kapoor as a disaster when it comes to flirting!

The show is definitely going to reveal many secrets of our B-town stars!

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