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Heavy Rainfall Disturbs Normal Life in Chandigarh Region

Heavy Rainfall

Early morning today, very high amount of rainfall strikes in Chandigarh which results in disturbing the traffic movements across the whole Tricity which is Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali. All the authorities related to traffic department has ordered to shut down all the traffic lights in all the important and the main junctions and go for regulating the traffic in those areas manually. After this heavy rainfall, Chandigarh is seen completely inside the water and was also noticed that water had start entering into the houses which is located in the government quarters in various sectors like 33, 40 and 46 and also in the staff member’s quarters of PEC which is Punjab Engineering College. This heavy downpour has resulted in completely submerging the various roads of Tricity including Zirakpur highway. The MET department has also stated that this monsoon season will continue in the coming days but the density of the rainfall might be low as compared to today. The large amount of water has seen entering into the houses within the different residential colonies along with the societies located within the Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula.

The areas which were being affected the most were all the entry points of the Chandigarh from the side of the Panchkula as well as Mohali. In Panchkula region, all the people who are residing near to the railway crossing were all being forced to come out of their houses as enough amount of water has already entered into their houses. All the authorities of the district has also announced the alert for the people which are living near to the banks of the river and ask them to leave their houses for some time for their safety. All the travelers were trying to go for any shortcut and alternative routes but all the routes were being completely choked with the heavy rain water.


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