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Largest Organ Discovered By Scientists within Human Body

Largest Organ Discovered

Recently, a group of top scientists had discovered a new space within the human body tissue which is filled with fluid which can be considered as the largest organ now which is given name “Interstitium”. This newly discovered organ is generally found everywhere within the whole human body which ranges from under the skin and also between the organs. It then goes for surrounding the whole arteries, muscles along with the digestive as well as urinary tracts in a complete layer which is long thought to be quite dense connective tissue. Therefore, it is the high time to make your all old notebooks an update with the latest discovery of the new organ. This researcher not only considered this only a discovery but also declared this to be the largest organ within the whole human body.

According to the statement which is provided by the scientists that this organ is like a space which is present beneath the skin which usually contains a structure filled with fluid and also results in acting as a “shock absorber” in order to keep the various other organs safe. It can be found anywhere, surrounding the various internal organs, even the space which is wrapped around both arteries and veins. This is not the very first time that a new organ is added to the body, in past time during January 2017, information about mesentery which is the part that connects the human abdomen to the intestines.

All the top doctors and the scientists have already known about both the interstitial tissues and interstitial fluid but the recent study and the information have provided a very fresh insight feature of whole human anatomy which is unrecognized previously. After getting all this information, all the researchers are going for raising the complete idea of calling the interstitium an organ within human body. This great discovery can be the main element which is helpful in explaining the main cause related to how the cells spread cancer in human body and helps in paying the new solutions and ways to treat these diseases.


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