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Meeting of Municipal Corporation Chandigarh on April 16

Municipal Corporation Chandigarh

A meeting is being scheduled on coming time on April 16 by Municipal Corporation Chandigarh in which the seniors should present the inspection reports of the different committees which mainly also includes various violation pictures to be tabled during the meeting. After getting the various adverse reports, the two councilors committees as well as officials which are actually being constituted by Mayor Davesh Moudgil and Municipal Commissioner of Chandigarh Jitender Yadav which have mentioned in their reports that parking lots within Chandigarh were not “smart”. The municipal corporation of Chandigarh has mainly rejected the final decision of increase of hike in the parking charges.

Therefore, a special meeting is being scheduled by the General House on April 16 in which a certain roll back is being expected within the various rates ass according to the amendments within the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the particular company related to the charges of the parking lots. The each councilor is having their concern only to reverse the increase in the parking charges and the house is likely to recommend that. The several committees have also found that there is no availability of smart facilities at the various parking lots within the Chandigarh and that haphazard parking is also rampant. The hike within the parking charges is being finalized has now become the major issue between the different political parties in Chandigarh and the Congress being mentioning it as “smart scam”.


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