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Now Users Can Download All their Shared Data in WhatsApp


From the past many months, whatsapp owners are trying to make this app better by bringing various updated versions to bring the best out of it. This app now has updated its both the privacy policy as well as terms of service and given all its users to download all the data which they have shared through this app. According to the various reports, almost a month left for coming of security related act in Europe named General Data Protection Act (GDPR) and along with this the Whatsapp has given the latest updated version of this app by changing some terms of service and privacy policy. A message or blog spot is also being given for all the users in which the owners mentioned that they are not going to bring any new rights for data collection rather their main goal is to go for explaining how they can protect your limited amount of information within the app. The regulation in Europe related to data protection will come into effect from May 25.

There are almost 2 main changes which come that the minimum age for using this app will be now 16 years instead of 13 and also the users which are using this app for the very first time can easily download their all shared data and this feature will bring for all the users now very soon. This app does not store any files as well as folders and not even the call logs, rather they just focus on particular phone numbers which are being used for signing into this app. We are also providing various tips related to stay safe from the spam and abusive content over whatsapp with this new regulation act that will be launch in Europe soon.


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